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9 out of 2 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series: Freelee (AKA The Banana Girl)

freelee the banana girl

Freelee is an epic raw vegan. I knew Freelee in the beginning of my journey. I think I found her through Kristina, if I'm not mistaken. When I first discovered Freelee, I had heard about her story and wasinspired! (you'll see why if you read the post. ;) Either way I was introduced to Freelee, I am so happy I found her. If you don't know Freelee, I highly recommend reading this post! If you do know her, you may already know why I'm featuring her in today's mini series

Freelee the banana girl and a bowl of fruit

Freelee, AKA "The Banana Girl" is a raw vegan, vegan and fruitarian. Her story is very inspiring! Not only are her videos inspiring, so are her videos. Her videos are VERY informative, but also fun! She makes videos about raw food nutrition, vegan nutrition, vegan and raw food recipes, tips and tricks about this lifestyle and how you can get fit like her, and her adventures into the lifestyle. Freelee has come a long way in her life and in her journey with her body; you'll know when you read her story below. 

The Banana Girl's recipes are mouth-watering and delicious looking! Her recipes are in videos (aka video recipe!)

freelee the banana girl
freelee the banaan girl raw till 4
orangeberry blast
banana date apple strudel

Although Freelee was a mess before raw foods, today she is as healthy, strong, happy, vibrant, and fit as can be! Before raw foods, Freelee had anorexia, bulimia and an eating disorder. Her eating disorders started when her family moved to the country. She was forced to eat fish, although she hated it. She was very young, maybe around 11-12 years old. Although she wasn't fat, Freelee was influenced by magazines and school that she was. Later on in her life, she met this guy who was on drugs, and she hanged out with girls who did drugs. The girls knew that doing drugs was bad, but they did it anyway. Freelee figured since the drugs were shrinking her bones, maybe it would help her to lose weight like she wanted. She was on the very poor SAD (Standard American Diet). She never finished a meal (she always felt as if she needed to leave something on her plate), she was tired all the time (she literally passed out working at the supermarket), she was vomiting often, she used to starve herself, she used to binge at times, and she started to get really skinny. At this point, she was underweight. She went to the doctors, and they told her that her BMI was anorexia; she needed help, badly. At this point, she was underweight and under-carbed. Her visit to the doctors made her think differently about the way she treated her body. 

Freelee the banana girl before vegan
the banana girl before and after

Banana Girl has always been interested in nutrition, but didn't have a clue on what GOOD nutrition was. But she knew what she was doing wasn't healthy at all. Then, she started getting into organic foods, shopping at Whole Foods and started talking to the people there; she got educated. One day, she didn't want to take any drugs anymore. So, she completely stopped all drugs. Within two months, she gained weight. As the months go by, she started gaining more and more weight (more like fat). When she ate, she began to feel guilty and she started to binge. She vomited a lot, and she had no control on her diet. She would eat a whole chicken a day! She felt trashy. She tried different diets (paleo, SAD, vegetarian) and NONE of them worked. She felt like binging all the time, her vomiting got worse, she wasn't eating carbs, and her brain couldn't think straight (lost her focus). Freelee was a complete mess. She educated herself on health and fitness, and there, she discovered the raw vegan diet! 

Freelee and mangoes

After discovering raw foods, she ate a whole lot of fruits, and felt amazing! She began working at the gym. When she found the raw food movement, she couldn't find much information on it. She went to libraries, shops and everything; there was hardly anything on it. So, she went online and found a few raw food farms, and went there. In the beginning, she was eating foods that were made out of cacao and avocado, but still did not feel right. Her carbs were low. She went to a raw foods picnic, and saw this girl eating 10 mangoes in a row. The girl looked glowing. Freelee began talking to the girl, and she introduced (told) her about Dr. Doug Graham, the Father of Raw Foods! Freelee researched Dr. Graham and while she was at it, she had discovered the most perfect diet around -- RAW VEGAN!! 

dr. doug graham and freelee

Her before and after pictures are the BEST! Just look at the amazing transformation!! She's come a long way! She has beautiful, glowing skin, and looks fantastic! She is a whole new person! 
Freelee before and after
freelee vegan muscles
freelee the banana girl before and after

Dr. Doug Graham recommended that Freelee ate a LOT of fruit. She got a counsel with Doug, and that's where her nickname, "Banana Girl" came into existence! She started eating 30 bananas a day for a month! (yes, she had a banana palooza!) After that one month of eating 30 bananas a day, she felt amazing! She was feeling so vibrant for the first time in her life, she didn't feel like vomiting, she didn't restrict her calories like she used to, her skin got clearer, she began seeing clearer, her energy was up-the-wall, and she felt AWESOME! From there on, she knew she was going to stick to the lifestyle! While eating raw foods, she didn't feel guilty after eating, no binging, didn't feel like vomiting, felt happy and content after a rawmeal, didn't feel like eating and drinking diary, her blood sugar and pressure wasn't high at all, her focus was on point, no more pains, and she was feeling naturally happy! All her issues began to go away. Freeleetook control of her life, diet and body. She desperately needed a change in diet or else, she wouldn't know where she'd be today. 

banana island

To learn more about Freelee's story, watch the two videos below. The first video is part 1 and the second video is part 2.

Freelee the Banana Girl with fruits

To connect with Freelee, The Banana Girl, follow her in the links below:

Facebook (she has a few pages, just check her YouTube Channel's "about" tab and you'll find all her other links!)https://www.facebook.com/TheBananaGirl?ref=ts&fref=ts

30 Bananas A Day: http://www.30bananasaday.com/

Freelee the Banana Girl

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