Friday, July 19, 2013

juice fast: day 5

juicehappy friday! today is day 5 of my juice fast, and my father and i are still going strong! i sat in the sun for about an hour again this morning and played basketball in my backyard (not a game, just practiced shooting hoops with my dad alongside). today's juice was nice! not too sweet, not too bitter - just right, if you know what i mean. it had apples, kale, carrots, celery, limes, and ginger (pretty much like day 4's juice without the pineapple though. so therefore, the pictures look the same, too.)

i am feeling and looking much more slimmer. i didn't get much of a headache today (yay!) but my eyes did hurt. they're improving so they're gonna hurt. i have 49 days before the WFF to get them back! i just gotta continue doing my thang and believe that i CAN see! bring it out the the universe. 

green orange apple ginger lime juice

green apple ginger lime juice:

6 organic kale leaves, washed
6 organic carrots, washed
4 organic celery stalks
2 limes
fresh piece of ginger
4 organic apples

wash, cut & peel as needed. juice it. drink it. love it. <3 
this was yummy! :) gotta love juice! ;)
green apple ginger lime juice


  1. I would love that juice :D My juicer is packed down, so I can't use it before I have moved to my new place, in one week :D It's great that you are going strong :D

    1. :D thanks! hopefully you can get your juice game on again :)


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