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Raw Vegan Teen's 13 Day Watermelon Fast Experience

Although this post is a bit delayed, I completed my longest fast/cleanse so far on my raw foods journey! I did a 13 day watermelon fast, where I solely ate watermelons, and it was amazing! Like always, I did this fast with my dad, and it was fun! It really makes this lifestyle so much easier when you do it with someone else.

I'm going to be sharing with you how I felt on all my 13 days eating nothing but watermelons. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to go on a watermelon cleanse, as well.


On September 23, I started my watermelon fast. For 13 days, I ate nothing but watermelons. Whenever I got hungry, I ate watermelon.

While on this cleanse, my body was able to cleanse and detoxify. Watermelons remove toxins and waste from the body, so cleansing on them for 13 days was great. My sleep has definitely improved while on watermelon island, due to the magnesium content found in watermelons.

watermelon island


Day 1
I felt loopy, had a slight headache and my body desired some rest. I already started to experience detox symptoms on day 1 of watermelons. Overall, I felt good. 

Day 2
Since I got my rest last night, I woke up well rested. I was more energized today, and I didn't get any headaches. I felt my heart purifying. Day 2 was great.

Day 3
Woke up feeling energized and had mucus breaking up. My eyes felt as if they were detoxifying. Thus, they hurt a bit, and I had a headache that left quickly. Overall, I felt great on day 3!

Day 4
Woke up with a slight headache that left and came back in the afternoon, evening and night. I gained more mental clarity and energy. Day 4 was great. 

Day 5
Woke up with a little headache, that lasted until the afternoon. The headaches I am experiencing on watermelon island are detox symptoms. Overall, I felt great. 

Day 6
Woke up with a small headache that continued on in the afternoon and evening. I felt a bit loopy in the evening and gained more mental clarity. My skin is glowing! Besides the loopyness and headache, I felt great. 

Day 7
I woke up feeling great! I gained more mental clarity and a bit more energy. I felt loopy in the afternoon and evening, but gained more energy at night time. i didn't experience any headaches, which is good. 

Day 8
Felt loopy all day, as if I'm on a water only fast. Experienced a small headache in the afternoon, evening and night. But overall, I feel good. 

Day 9
I woke up feeling awesome and energized! I didn't get any headaches; I gained lots of energy on day 9. 

Day 10
I felt great. Had a small headache in the afternoon, but thankfully, it left. Besides that, I felt great. 

Day 11
I had a small headache in the evening and night, but overall, I feel good. 

Day 12
Woke up well rested. I drank predominantly water today. Felt loopy. 

Day 13
Last day of my watermelon fast! 

Woke po feeling great and with energy. I gained more mental clarity and I didn't experience any headaches.


I broke my fast on dried mulberries, and it was complete bliss! As you know, I LOVE MULBERRIES, and eating them again was awesome! After my cleanse, I entered banana island. I incorporated salads, smoothies and banana ice cream. I didn't have to break my fast slowly or eat lighter foods, unlike water fasting, since I was already eating on my cleanse.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired to maybe go on watermelon island, too. If so, I'd love to hear your experience in the comments below!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watermelon Island: Day 4

yellow watermelon with a spoon
Have you ever heard of a yellow
watermelon? How about an
orange watermelon? Well,
neither have I until I got into
this lifestyle! The yellow and orange
melons taste sweet and remind of
me of apple-jacks cereal!! Try it,
it's amazing!
Today's day 4 of my watermelon island cleanse, and I feel great!! Woke up with a slight headache, but nothing major.
The slight headache came back in the afternoon, too. I woke up well rested, energized and gained more mental clarity. I'm on this island to cleanse and detoxify my body from all the poor eating habits I've contributed in the past 13 years as a SAD, meat-eater. I'm really enjoying and loving the experience so far.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Watermelon Island: Day 1, 2 & 3

About My Cleanse
watermelon island collageAlthough summer is over, I'm still enjoying watermelons! My dad and I are on watermelon island, which means we'll be mono mealing on watermelons for about a week or so. We don't have an exact timeline on when we're going to end this cleanse. I'm very excited about this watermelon island, because I get to cleanse and detoxify my body. No better way to enter a new season cleansing!

Basically, I'll be mono mealing on watermelons. For my last watermelon cleanse, I
juiced my melon. This time, I'm eating it with a spoon, which I find to be more enjoyable, satisfying, fun, and filling than a juice. I'm really stoked about this cleanse! I've never been so excited about a cleanse like I am now.

eating watermelon with a spoon
Eating Watermelon with a spoon is awesome!
Lots of people in the raw food community go on watermelon island, and experience amazing results and detox symptoms, too.  I will be posting daily my experiences on each day, so you know how I'm doing. So, here's my experience on day 1 and day 2 so far...

Day 1:
Day 1 I felt loopy and my body wanted some rest. I got some rest. My sleep has definitely improved on watermelon island, due to the magnesium content found in watermelons. That's all for day 1.

watermelons in car

Day 2:
I felt much better today. Woke with energy and felt my heart purifying. My dad and I went to the farm with my dad and bought more watermelons for this cleanse. I felt great today!

Day 3:
Woke up well rested and energized! I had mucus breaking up.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Vaccine Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About

vaccine shots
Vaccinations are one of the most detrimental things you can do to your health. Sadly, promotions are being made through ads, commercials on the radio and TV, newspapers, and magazines - about getting the flu shot. What many people may not know, vaccine shots cause diseases, rather than preventing and protecting your body from getting sick – causing more harm than good. In this modern world, many people turn to vaccines as their "medicine", because they have been given the disinformation that getting vaccinated is the answer to preventing and protecting your immune system from getting sick, and it'll keep you strong and healthy. This is a bogus lie and brainwash!

doctor promising vaccines are safe for money
Source: The CDC is Truly A Corrupt and Dangerous Organization 

Doctors and pharmaceuticals are there to prescribe drugs and vaccines to patients, and you have every right to say NO to vaccines. It's saddening to see babies and kids get diagnosed with syndromes, like autism, ADHD, retarded, and other conditions. The number one cause of autism and other syndromes, are vaccines.

Vaccinations are dangerous to your health, affecting your metabolism, immune system, hormones, brain, nerve and cell functions, and destroying your entire body! Vaccines can affect you mentally, physically and emotionally – causing your body to be at dis-ease. (Disease is your body not at ease. And when your body is not at ease, you need a detox to get rid of the disease.) 

skeleton goony stirring up toxic ingredients for vaccinesTo give you a better understanding on how and why getting vaccinated is not a smart health choice, I've listed 11 ingredients that are found in vaccine shots. There is no secret that vaccines are dangerous. Simply look at the ingredients! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) clearly list some of the ingredients that are listed below on their websiteThey openly admit that there are CHEMICALS added into vaccinations, but don't give you the full spectrum of the dangers. You can see for yourself here. Isn't the CDC supposed to "protect and prevent" us from disease, not give it to us?! Let's wake up and realize, WE have to be the ones to take care of ourselves, NOT them.

Arnold Wants To Know: What's In A Vaccine? This video is a must-watch! So many parents don't question what's in a vaccine before getting their child vaccinated. The child could be allergic to the ingredients in vaccines and getting vaccinated can cause severe reactions. Please watch!

Ingredients in A Vaccine
It's complete ignorance to think injecting these shots in your body are “safe, healthy and right”, especially into a child. You should be shocked about finding out the TRUTH what's really in vaccines. NO parent should vaccinate their children. If you really loved your kids, would you inject them with these toxic chemicals that can harm their growing body??? I hope the answer is no. NO parent in the right mind should even consider, nor think about vaccinating their kids. Prepared to be blown-away by these ingredients...

FORMALDEHYDE — a toxic chemical that's typically used to preserve dead bodies. This substance is very toxic to the nervous system, causing brain damage, cancer, gastrointestinal and liver problems, and poison to our immune system, reproductive system, and respiratory system. This toxic chemical is linked to brain, colon and hepatic cancer. 
ANTIBIOTIC — chemicals that kills some bugs, but promotes superbugs that are resistant to all medication & a serious threat. 
ALUMINUM — a light metal that can cause Alzheimer's disease, comas, liver damage, autism & more.
MERCURY — a poison that causes serious effects on the nervous system. This toxic chemical is stored in the kidneys, blood, brain, liver, spleen, cells, bones, and fatty tissues. It can cause cancer, severe headaches and brain damage, and even death.
Thimerosal a methyl mercury substance that can cause severe, permanent damage to your nervous system. Mercury is ONE OF THE MOST toxic chemical compounds known to humankind; it's highly toxic to the brain. Although doctors, pharmaceuticals and the vaccine industry will LIE to you and say there is no mercury in vaccines, the CDC openly admits vaccines do contain mercury (thimerosal). 
MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (aka 'MSG') — causes blindness, headaches, damages the brain & cells, causes nervous disorders, depression, nausea, fatigue, obesity, chest pains, inflammation, bloating, heartburn, constipation, upset stomach, rapid heartbeat, & more.
HUMAN & ANIMAL CELLS — pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood, & others. 
GENETICALLY MODIFIED (aka 'GMO') YEAST, ANIMAL BACTERIA & VIRAL DNA — causes unknown mutations, changes your DNA, causes autism, brain tumors, cancers, Alzheimer's disease, depression, suicidal thoughts, & more. 
GELATIN — produced from selected calf & cattle skin, de-mineralized bones & pork skin. Causes cancer & other health risks. Allergic reactions have been reported. 
MICRO-ORGANISMS — causes many infections illness/disease, a deadly bacteria, chicken pox, AIDS, pneumonia, death, & more. 
ANTIFREEZE — causes kidney, bladder & nervous system problems, rapid breathing, blurred vision or blindness, death, leg cramps, vomit, nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, comas, unconsciousness, & more. 

How could these ingredients really prevent you from diseases? Do you really want to allow your kids to be injected with these harmful, toxic chemicals???! Statistics show, the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the autistic rate. 

Shocking Facts About Vaccines
  • Shots do more harm than good.
  • Gives you the disease (the flu shot does not prevent you from getting the flu, it GIVES you the flu! Flu shots are more harmful than the flu disease!) 
  • Aluminum and mercury are the two most toxic chemicals known to humankind, yet, it's found in vaccines, foods, drinks, water, and more. Strawberries remove mercury from the brain, so eat more of these amazing superfood berries! 
  • By the year 2032, autism will affect every boy.
  • In 1991, the vaccination mass programs were on the rise. At the time, the hepatitis B vaccine and the HiB (meningitis) vaccines were introduced. Before this time, autism was rare. 
  • Approximately, 1/3 of doctors refuse to get vaccinated, while it's mandatory that all doctors and physicians get vaccinated. 
  • By the time your child is 6 years of age, they would have gotten 84 vaccine shots
  • A Vaccine Disaster Record was published in 1883, documenting over 400 deaths from vaccinations. 
  • During World War I, in 1917, U.S. soldiers were vaccinated before getting shipped over to Europe, and were dying from a strange syndrome that only affected young people. 
  • A 12 year old girl died hours after taking the HPV vaccine shot.
  • Manufacturers of vaccines profit hundreds of millions and billions every year! In 2013, Gardasil, one of the HPV vaccines manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals, made $1.8 BILLION in global sales!
  • Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines causes children to develop tics, which are sounds that can be hard to control or sudden repetitive movements, after they are born. Studies show, males are 7 times more likely to develop tics than females.
  • Foods that trigger tics are dairy, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, and artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. Even stress can trigger tics in children. 
  • The CDC is found to be held accountable for the death of thousands of unborn children.
  • The CDC admitted that polio vaccines cause polio, yet, they promote it anyway. 
  • The CDC and government openly admitted on the news that the reason why kids have ADHD is because of vaccines. 
And there's thousands of more shocking facts out there; too much to list here in one post. 

Vaccine shots cause:
  • Autism
  • Allergies and Eczema
  • Arthritis
  • Colds, Flus & Virus
  • Acid Reflux
  • Severe Headaches and Migraines
  • SID (Sudden Infant Death)
  • Cancer
  • Mental Retardness
  • Diabetes in infants and all through childhood
  • Kidney Disease and Failure
  • Ear Infections
  • Seizures/Epilepsy 
  • Sudden Death
  • Smallpox and Chicken Pox
  • and many, many more :( :( :(
I could write a really long post about the history and dangers of vaccines, please, do your own research, read books about this topic, read stories from other parents, and truly educate yourself and others (especially the ones you love and those who get vaccinated) the TRUTH about vaccines. 

Here's are books about vaccines:

Parents, vaccines should be a big concern for the health of your kids. Whatever you do, don't get your kids vaccinated. Don't let doctors take responsibility of your kids' health, when you (the parent) should be the ones. Doctors like to threaten the rights of the parent(s) to choose not to vaccinate their kids. Flu shots and vaccines do more harm than good. DON'T GET VACCINATED, GET EDUCATED!

Keep your immune system strong and boost your metabolism by drinking Nature's “Flu Shot” juices on a daily basis to reverse the affects of vaccine shots.

nature's shot juice recipes
Click on the image to enlarge.

Let's spread the word and bring AWARENESS to others. We all deserve to know what's going inside us.  My dear friend, Arnold Kauffman, the owner of Arnold's Way Cafe, is spreading awareness about autism and vaccines in his videos. His goal is to create a disease-free world and stop this vaccination madness! I'm helping him achieve that goal.

He made a goal to achieve 1 MILLION views by September 16th on THIS must-watch, inspiring video about a {at the time} 4 year-old boy named Tommy, who suffered from autism and transformed his life around! Please share this video with everyone you know. Let's bring awareness and help Arnold get 1,000,000 views by next Tuesday! Change starts with YOU. 

Subscribe to Arnold's Way YouTube Channel and watch his videos about autism. Inform yourselves and share this knowledge with others. We deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth! Watch his videos about vaccines and educate yourselves here

Gandhi quote be the change


Monday, September 8, 2014

Meeting the Raw Food Guru at the Raw Food Capital of the World

don bennettOn Friday, September 5th, I attended my very first raw food lecture at the raw food capital of the world – Lansdale, Pennsylvania! The special guest speaker was Don Bennett, one of the world's leading raw food and health experts! Don is the director of the Health 101 Institute and a Disease Avoidance Specialist. He's been a fruitarian for 50 years, and has healed himself from hyperglycemia, poor eyesight, tinnitus, and some undiagnosed conditions. Don has a LOT knowledge; his lecture was very informative and insightful.

miliany bonet with don bennett
Meeting Don Bennett was awesome!
miliany bonet with arnold kauffman
Me with Arnold Kauffman

In his lecture, Don spoke about the following topics:

  • why he thinks we should be supplementing on a diet that comes from the modern agricultural system, including B12 supplementation
  • colonics: yay or nay
  • what is true hunger
  • exercise that we're meant to do (walking, climbing, sprinting) 
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies raw foodist should be most concerned about (post coming soon, but it's only 3 nutrients... not bad!)
  • how inaccurate information is bad for the body
  • the importance of iodine 
  • proper food combining
  • how we're fruit eaters, not vegetable eaters and why we eat greens (interesting! Details soon!)

I learned so much at Don's "What You Know That Isn't So" lecture. I promise to share the really important information soon in a post.

I didn't take much photos (just these 3 photos. Sorry for the lack of photos!), but I'll be sure to take more next time. Before the lecture, there was a 3 course meal, which was yummy. Arnold has potlucks every 3rd Saturday of the month, so I look forward in attending more of his events. The environment at Arnold's Way Cafe is so loving, peaceful, funny, energetic, and friendly. If you're in the Lansdale, PA area, I highly recommend stopping by his cafe. You'll love it there. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Healthy Green Meal Recipes – Delicious Recipes To Increase Your Veggie Consumption!

Greens are very vital and essential to an optimal diet. In fact, they are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet (a superfood), providing a bucket-load of vitamins, minerals and protein. Sadly, most Americans who eat the SAD way (Standard American Diet), don't eat much greens on a daily basis. If they do, chances are: it's not organic (conventional greens contain 52 toxic pesticide residue that are hazardous to human health!), they don't eat a lot of it on a daily basis and/or they have cooked the living life out of it by either steaming, boiling, roasting/baking it.

In case you didn't know, when you cook food above 115-118 degrees, it's considered DEAD because all the living vital nutrients and minerals have been completely destroyed, leaving that cooked-to-death green veggie not much of a nutritious value. My suggestion is, eat your veggies raw. I'll explain why and the importance of raw foods in another post. Getting in about 1-2 pounds (or more, if possible) of greens a day is awesome! My salads are colossal; I love my greens! Do you?

Whether you're having a hard time incorporating more greens in your diet, looking to get your kids to eat more greens or simply looking to increase your green consumption - these 3 rawesome recipes are not only a nutritious way to incorporate more greens, but in a very delicious and enjoyable way!


green monster smoothie, kale banana ice cream and green monster saladIf you're looking to transition to raw, these 3 recipes are great for transitioning. Start your day off right with fruits and greens! Also, please customize the recipe quantities to your preference. If you want to make a smaller batch, add more or less of the ingredients listed below.

1- Green Monster Smoothie:
32 ounce Servings (4 cups, for 1 or 2 people. I easily drink 32 ounces of green smoothies!)

  • 5-10 fresh or frozen bananas
  • green monster smoorhie2-3 leaves of fresh, organic kale, spinach or swiss chard (be sure to rotate your greens in your smoothies, more on that in a post soon)
  • 1 organic apple, sliced and cored with seeds removed
  • 2 fresh pitted medjool dates or 3 packs of SweetLeaf stevia (add more or less, depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 1 ½ cup filtered water (add more or less, depending on how thin or thick you like it)
  • 8-10 cubes of ice (no need to add ice if you use frozen bananas or if you don't like your smoothies cold)
Blend all ingredients in your blender, until a creamy and smooth consistency. Serve and enjoy!

2- Raw Vegan Kale Banana Ice Cream (a.k.a Green Monster Ice Cream):
Serves 2-4 people

  • 4-6 frozen bananas
  • raw vegan kale banana ice cream
    1-3 leaves of fresh, organic kale OR heaping handful of spinach OR basil! (don't be afraid to add a lot of greens. The sweetness from the stevia will take care of it! Keep in mind, the more greens you add, the greener your ice cream will be!)
  • 2 fresh pitted medjool dates or 3-4 packs (or more!) of SweetLeaf stevia

Toppings (optional):
1 apple, sliced and core with seeds removed
  • 1 banana, peeled and sliced

Place the frozen bananas in your high-speed blender (my favorite and only recommended blender is the Dash), blending until almost creamy and smooth, but with some chunks. Add in the greens and stevia (sweetener) and blend until a creamy and smooth consistency. Serve as you like and enjoy!

3- Raw Vegan Green Monster Salad
  • ½ head of organic romaine lettuce (cut into fine pieces)
  • 2 leaves of fresh, organic kale (cut into fine pieces)
  • 1-2 leaves of fresh, organic swiss chard
  • 1-2 stalks of broccoli, cut into pieces or chunks
  • 2 carrot stalks, peel skin and peel into noodles with a vegetable peeler
  • raw vegan green monster salad1 long cucumber, peel green skin and peel into noodles with a vegetable peeler
  • 1 heirloom tomato or a heaping desired quantities of tomatoes (of choice)
  • 1 avocado, sliced into pieces or chunks
  • 1 mango, peeled and sliced into pieces
  • ¼ shallot, peeled and cut into pieces
  • 10 large tablespoons of marinated mung beans
  • 2 tbsps apple cider vinegar
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut aminos
  • organic herbs and spices (of choice)
Salad Dressing:
  • Mango Garlic Dressing
  • Mango Pineapple Garlic Dressing (mango, pineapple, garlic, organic herbs and spices)

Wash the greens thoroughly and the rest of the veggies used to make this salad. Peel and chop the ingredients necessary. Place everything in a colossal bowl and enjoy!
For the marinated mung beans: soak desired amount of mung beans and place in a bowl with filtered water

What are your favorite green veggies? What are your favorite ways to eat greens in your diet? 

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